Fungal Infections: A Bigger Murderer Than Breast Cancer, TB And Malaria

How come fungal infections kill more people than breast cancer, tuberculosis or malaria? Not many know about it, but fungus is the responsible of killing MILLIONS around the world every single year, and mainly in Africa.

How does it happen? Fungal infections thrive and expand rapidly in people with weak immune systems, and that’s where HIV comes into play. In Sub-Saharan Africa they have the highest rate of VIH in the world, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they struggle so much with fungal infections…

One of the best ways to stop this would be to promote the use of preservatives like these which is considered as the best condom, but the sad truth is that this would not be enough to solve the problem, because life conditions in this part of the world are very low.

Using preservatives like condom would help to deal with the HIV problem, but it would do nothing in regards to the fungus issue. Although, reducing the HIV rates would help people in this region of the world to have stronger immune systems and hence fight against fungal infections more effectively, and thus reduce the number of people who die due to them.

How Do Fungal Infections Progress?

It can start with a small toenail fungus or a fungal infection between your toes. Yes, something as small as this can cause an internal fungal infection.

When the infection advances it is normal for it to enter into the bloodstream and from that points the bigger problems start to appear, because the fungus can attack your lungs, heart, liver and even your brain. Scary, right? Well, fungal infections are deadly and that’s why you cannot afford to treat them slightly.

And yes, it is accurate to say that this thing can kill you, and you have the living proof of that in Sub-Saharan Africa, where thousands die due to fungal infections.

With proper treatment it can be reversed, but the thing here is that fungal particles are hard to recognize by your immune system, so the battle is going to be fierce and brutal. And yes, it is also accurate to say that fungal infections, in many occasions, are harder to deal with than bacterial infections.

The thing here is to take action as soon as possible, so don’t let your toenail fungus remain untouched without attention, because this can evolve into a much bigger problem sooner than you think.

Can You Be Affected?

Finally: can you really be affected by this? Totally, and there are many ways. By having bad bathing habits (not drying yourself well afterwards), walking on wet and warm surfaces, using non-breathable clothes, etc. And yes, your HVAC system may also be infested with fungal spores, so it’d be good to check it out ASAP.

Don’t be scared though, because if you keep a tidy and clean environment and avoid doing the things mentioned above, then your chances of getting infected are minimal.