Water Rowing Machine

water rowing machine
Are you trying to get your body beach ready as the summer comes along? Or are you just trying to generally stay fit and in good health all year long? In either case there is a very simple exercise that can do a lot for you if you start doing it from your next work out session. Try using the water rowing machine for one of the best total body workouts that you will have.

For some strange reason a lot of people seem to think that rowing does not provide a good and proper work out for you and that you will need to couple it with a few other exercises if you incorporate it in to your daily exercise routine. However nothing could be further from the truth as rowing, or using a water rowing machine, will get you a tremendous full body work out, that won’t even tire you out as much as some of the other workouts. While that might be the reason some people do not think you get exercise, you have to remember that how tired and sore you are is not a good measure of how much the workout has done for you.

In realistic terms when you get in to rowing, you do not just get another one factor work out, you get a lot of different muscles working at the same time that works all over your body, you get an increased work out endurance and also raise the level of your stamina, you get a lot of cardio done and really strengthen your core, and lastly you burn an insane amount of fat too. Really the only thing that rowing comes second to is swimming, but other than that it is the best full body work out that you will get.

So for the people who cannot go rowing properly in a lake or any other body of water, you will need to use a water rowing machine to get your fix of this amazing exercise. However you will find, if you regularly go to the gym to work out, that most gyms do not have a water rowing machine or just have one or two regular rowing machines available. In most of the cases where a rowing machine is available it will be one that is air resistant or is a piston operated model, which do not give you particularly great results (which also adds to the myth of rowing not being a good work out).

To properly get a good work out from a water rowing machine, you will probably need to get one for yourself and add it to your home gym. Or you could always ask your local gym if they can have a rowing machine that has water resistance in it. These offer the best work out as well as the most realistic one since they have paddles placed inside a water tank. It will give you a smoother and more fluid rowing experience when used.